Thursday, August 13, 2009

Episode Six - Travelling with Fiber

Episode Six - Web Resources for Knitters and Spinners
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Episode Five - Substituting Yarns

Episode Five - Web Resources for Knitters and Spinners
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We're also available in itunes.

HOW TO: SUBSTITUTING YARN, Winter 2003 - "A Field Guide to Yarn Substitutions" by Jenna Wilson.
The questions to ask:
  1. Can you knit to the gauge?
  2. Will the yarn behave the way you want it to?
  3. How much yarn do you need?
Knitters - "Yarn Swapping: Tips for Headache-free Yarn Substitution"

Spin-Off, Summer 2009 offers an article "Spinning Medium Yarns."
New spinning term: GRIST - yardage to weight - Michelle's preferred reference chart
The Yarn Wench - Sandi's preferred reference chart

And for those of you with iphones, a yardage calculator! (


bee mice elf ( - Michelle purchased You Are Stellar, 4 oz of merino with pinks, purple, and navy. It is gorgeous. Be sure to check out all of her hand-dyed fibers.

Fat Cat Knits ( - Michelle purchased Sun and Shade, two complimentary braids of merino/tencil blend. Again, gorgeous.

Insubordiknits Spinning Workshops - Michelle and Sandi will be attending the NYC workshop in August. Join us, or check out some of the other workshops.


Michelle's intentional spinning project was the Argosy Wrap, by Vyvyan Neel.

Sandi finished the Sweetheart Cardigan, by Laura Brown.

The Zimmermann Baby Surprise Jacket was previously finished.

Sandi has just cast on a Fitted Tank Top, by Shiri Mor. You can download the pattern from Lion Brand's website.

Michelle finished the Hampton Halter by Wenlan Chia. This was in her book, "Twinkles Big City Knits." (Believe the pattern when it says to change needle size!)

Michelle is starting a Lucy Bag, by Two Old Bags.

Sandi is still working on the Hippy Ripply Retro Socks, by Helen Darmara. These were originally from the 2008 Sockmadness. Michelle still has her Monkey Socks by Cookie A on the needles.

LINKS MENTIONED: - an online resource for patterns, yarn, groups, and everything else fiber-related.

Changelings Knit and Stitch Podcast (


Meet Pvt Flats, with credit to the book "Flat Stanley" by Jeff Brown.


The winner of our first contest was Eileen (WiscKnitter on Ravelry). We will be mailing out the Sock Blanket Starter Kit to her as soon as we receive her address.

Thank you to everyone who commented on our podcast. We love hearing from you!
(And Sandi is now taking full responsibility for any remaining audio problems...)


Our next episode will be stories and hints for spinning and knitting in public. Please let us know if you have anything to share -- we would love to hear what necessities you keep in your knitting bag, any hints you've learned, and especially any stories from your experiences.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Episode Four - The actual show notes!

Episode Four - Web Resources for Knitters and Spinners
Download the episode here, or check out us out at
We're also available in itunes.


Ask the Bellwether ( - One of our great "go to" sites. (Hint: Use the "topics" offered to help you find information on her site.)

DIY Hackle, made by Yarn Zombie

Got Spin? by Rebecca Hermen ( - A beginner's guide to spindles.

I Can ( - Great collection of videos on all aspects of spinning.

Mish Mash...Etc ( - How to make a beaded distaff.

Of Rats and Jen ( - How to build a tinkertoy swift.

Paradise Fibers - Spinning and weaving dvd's to rent. They also offer knitting dvd's.

Spindle and Wheel ( - This is a great blog that offers patterns and tutorials for spinning. The post "Spinning 3 Ways" is a good reference for our discussion in Episode Three.

Spindlecity ( - An online magazine for handspinners.

Spinning Step by Step: A drop spindle tutorial (

The Joy of Handspinning ( - Lots of great video tutorials.

The Yarn Wench ( - She offers a fantastic video tutorial on Navajo three-ply. This is actually how Sandi learned to do it! You can also find a handy WPI chart on this site.


Drops Designs
- free patterns! - Great source for all things fiber.

KnitPro ( - A free web application that charts your picture or design. - This is a favorite "go to" site for both Sandi and Michelle. The site features videos showing both continental and american (thrown) styles of knitting.

Simple Knits ( - Among other great things, Vicki has a list of over 650 patterns that use less than 285 yards of yarn. This is a wonderful help when you're trying to figure out how to use the yarn you've just spun.

Scout's Swag - It really is the best place for the coolest swag.

Stitch Finder, from Lion Brand - You can find just about any knit (or crochet) stitch, and learn how to do it.

Sweater Pattern Generator, from the Knitting Fiend - Absolutely amazing customized sweater patterns based on the measurements you input. There is also a sock pattern generator, and several other patterns available.


Abby's Yarns! ( - Abby writes a wonderful blog, with lots of great information for spinners.

I'm Knitting As Fast As I Can ( - Susan's blog is worth taking a look at.

Karma Kitties ( - As Bertha describes it: knitting, sewing, illustration, parenthood... and cats.

Knit and Tonic ( - it's Wendy Bernard, author of Custom Knits.

Knituition ( - We especially love her skully keychain pattern.

Pepperknit ( - Along with the blog, she offers some great patterns.

Spinning Spider Jenny ( - Jeannine offers some great how-to's on her blog.

Stash, Knit, Repeat ( - "fondling yarn since 2003"

String Theory - Ana Voog offers inspiration of the free form style.

Tales from the Den of Chaos ( - Combining knitting and motherhood. (You've gotta love her Captain Adventure!)

The Purl Bee ( - Beautiful craft projects (knitting and sewing) with wonderfully detailed step by step journals.

The Yarnarian ( - Her etsy shop is PennyRose Yarns. Enough said.

Whip Up ( - Crafts, including knitting, for a hectic world. Check out the hula hoop loom.


The New Llama Song ( - We dare you to sing it!


Chevron Lace Cardigan
- This is a free crochet pattern found in Ravelry. It's easy, and will work up nicely in a soy/acrylic blend.

Sock Yarn Blanket
- by Shelly Kang. She offers a full four-part tutorial in her blog, The Heathen Housewife. Ravelry also offers a forum group, BlankieMania, where you can get help and join yarn swaps.
Sandi's Blanket (in progress)


Talk to us and let us know what you think of the podcast. We would love to hear your gentle criticisms (we're already working on the volume issues!), as well as suggestions for future episodes.

You can leave a comment here on the show notes. Comments can also be left on the libsyn site, or message us in Ravelry (Sandrilene and Skeiniac).

One comment will be randomly selected to win the Sock Blanket Starter Kit. The winner will be announced on Episode Six. (I know that we had said we'd announce it in the next podcast, but we forgot that we record ahead. It wouldn't have given anyone enough time to enter if we stuck to announcing a winner right away.)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Episode Four: Web Resources

Episode Four: Sharing our favorite web resources for both spinning and knitting.

This episode has a lot of great reference information, so show notes will follow quickly.

In the meantime, comments/contest entries can be posted here.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Episode Three: Custom Knits and Creative Fiber

Episode Three - We're back with more talk about roving preparation
Download the episode here, or check out us out at
We're also available in itunes.


Hamptons Halter - This can be found in Twinkle's Big City Knits. Michelle is working on this, using three strands of Patons Grace held together. This looks great, and it's knitting up quickly.

Very Easy Scarf - Michelle is casting on a drop stitch scarf from the newest Vogue Knitting (Spring/Summer 09), using Koigu.

Moorish Stipe Socks, by Charlene Schurch - Sandi calls these her "Sorta Red & Black" socks because of the almost red (but really coral) color Koigu used.

Insubordinknit's Spinning Workshop sounds absolutely wonderful. Michelle and Sandi are hoping to make it to Brooklyn in August, but there are other locations if anyone is interested. Jacey has a wonderful podcast, so be sure to check it out.

Crown Mountain Superwash Merino in Summer of Love colorway. Sandi is spinning this for the Ply By Night group on Ravelry, and will knit it into a Morning Surf Scarf. Briar Rose BFL, specially dyed for the Ply by Night group.


Custom Knits
, by Wendy Bernard - How in the world are we going to find time to knit all these patterns? Some of our must-knits are the Skinny Empire, the Tuxedo Vest (our daughters would love these!), and the Essential Tank. We also like the instructions on how to make a dress form.


Worsted wool is fluffy and multi-directional. Spinning with a long draft helps give it that cushion of air.

Worsted wool, on the other hand, is a smoother, tighter spun yarn that's good for weaving and socks. It's done with an "inchworm" feed.


Sandi talked about a notions tin made by her friend, Christina (aka Yarn4Nash on Ravelry). The magnetized chart markers are a fantastic idea.

Michelle was impressed with the swiss knit kit. This is a gotta-get-one item!

Michelle also found a beautiful necklace to hold stitch markers.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Episode Three is on it's way!

It's been a hectic several weeks for both of us, but things are finally starting to work themselves out. We were able to record another episode, and hopefully we'll have it edited and posted by the end of this week.

Our topics this time include a book review (Custom Knits, by Wendy Bernard) and a discussion on fiber preparation.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Show Notes for Episode Two

While playing around on itunes the other day, I "found" our podcast. I was so excited about this, that I sat down and listened again to our recent episode. Which made me realize that, despite Michelle's claim that I'm the organized one, I did a really horrible job with the show notes. I'm so sorry.

Here are the detailed show notes for the second episode. Hopefully the third episode will have the detailed notes much quicker.

And remember -- we would love to have your comments and suggestions!

Episode Two - A chat on why and what to knit in warm weather


Olive Branch Yoga Hoodie
- This is on Sandi's queue. She is planning on using the Moda Dea Washable Wool yarn she won from Coats & Clark through the Special Olympic Scarf Project.

Monkey Socks by Cookie A - Michelle is overcoming her second sock syndrome to finish this pair, using Claudia Handpainted Yarn in the Little Red Wagon colorway. (To avoid second sock syndrome, Sandi knits both socks section by section.)

Garter Stitch Ruffles Baby Blanket


The Yarn Outlet is in Bradenton, Florida

Great Balls of Yarn is in West Palm Beach, Florida

- It's the best online resource for knitters, spinners, and crocheters. It's how Michelle and Sandi met!


Crown Mountain Superwash Merino in Summer of Love colorway. Sandi is spinning this for the Ply By Night group on Ravelry, and will knit it into a Morning Surf Scarf.

Briar Rose BFL, specially dyed for the Ply by Night group.


French Girl Knits, by Kristeen Griffin-Grimes - This book overs some wonderful patterns that are perfect for the warm weather climates. Our favorites include Anjou, Simone, Nadine, Paloma, and Martine.


Tunis sheep
(actually found in Boca Raton, Florida!)

Sandi washed her fleece in a washing machine after listening to Jackie on the High Fiber Diet podcast. (This is one of Sandi's favorite podcasts, so be sure to listen to them all!)

Michelle used a couple of great reference books before washing her fleece.
Ashford Book of Spinning, by Anne Field
The Woolcraft Book by Constance Jackson and Judith Plowman

Other good online sources of information for cleaning your fleece:
Fuzzy Galore - Washing Fleece
Joy of Handspinning - How to Wash Your Fleece
Ask the Bellwether - How do you skirt a fleece?

Michelle's hint when washing a fleece is to have the water hot enough to melt the lanolin. Also, a presoak in hot water (without detergent) will make a big difference.

Sandi offered another hint -- talk someone else into washing the fleece for you!


Sandi strongly recommends getting an acrylic WIP gauge guide. (Available from Spinning Bunny, and other online resources.) This 2 1/4" x 3 5/8" card makes it possible to check your ply on the fly. You'll still need to do actual wrapping (remember to twist the WIP tool, not wind the yarn!) if you want the exact WIP of your spun yarn.

Michelle suggests checking out some of the videos offered from Smartflix. Mentioned in this episode, the Yarn Barn spinning video by Judith McKenzie.